recently went live with their new consumer friendly website and logo called:
MitiGator Logo

Here is what the President of Seas Barbara McKinney, had to say about it!

"We have been heading this direction for quite some time. Our traditional website ( reflects our strong background in military and homeland security applications and we feel that it can be intimidating to potential customers not used to working with the military. will be fun and consumer friendly, utilize new social networking technologies and be a multimedia site. This is a big endeavor and will take time to fully implement. We encourage people to visit frequently as the site advances."

The site allows auto-bookmarking to all of the popular networking systems like Twitter, Facebook, digg, reddit, and nine others. It is video enabled and allows visitors to comment by posting their own video and seesmic comments in addition to the more traditional typing of comments. It is optimized for iPhone/mobile display so that potential customers can conveniently use it on the move. Data, products, information and announcements will be updated on a regular bases – it will be much less static than a conventional website.