Marine News Magazine
reads as follows:

MitiGator Protects
Combat Craft Users

Sea System Group Inc. (SEAS)
teamed up with Premier Performance Interiors (PPI) to integrate MitiGator technology into high performance
boat seats and deck mats. MitiGator
shock absorber technology can reduce
or eliminate back, leg and hip trauma

caused by the violent nature of high
speed boating in military, law enforcement and first responder operations.
Since 2002 SEAS has been supplying the U.S. military with MitiGator seating systems, cushions and floor mats to protect against injury due to mine blasts and IEDs, impacts and crashes, repeated shocks and whole body vibration. MitiGator technology can be found in over
45,000 military vehicles including Cobra & Apache helicopters, Humvees, MRAPs, Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles,
Navy boats and other combat vehicles.

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