Lee Wingard and Jim Cowan, Owners of Premier Landholdings, Inc. have announced their construction and purchase of a new 32,500 sq. ft building. This purpose built facility is 2 times the size of their current buildings. They completed the move of their marine manufacturing company, Premier Performance Interiors, Inc. (better known as PPI) at the end of April 2008.  Even though the new address is now Bradenton instead of Sarasota, the move was actually just down the road and across the street.new building

   Vice President Jim Cowan, said today "We are very excited about moving into this new facility which will have the capacity to meet even our most optimistic manufacturing forecasts for the next 15 years once we do our pre-planned 10,000 square foot expansion in two years."

   It is not every day that you get to design a factory and plant around your exact requirements. PPI had been searching for quite some time to find a suitable site to house the current four existing facilities in one building. Two years ago, it was obvious that the best solution would be to build a new building suited to their specific needs. The new 32,500 square foot building will host the company’s manufacturing operations, custom division, sales, administration, and research, development & engineering functions. Currently PPI employs 30+ employees that were previously operating within four buildings in Manatee County.

   In addition to enabling us to produce well in excess of our prior production capabilities, the new factory will employ sophisticated manufacturing processes with the aim of bringing improved safety, and quality to the benefit of both customers and staff alike.

   In terms of Research and Development, the new manufacturing plant will facilitate the company's ever expanding commitment to developing new and innovative products for decades to come.  “I am constantly amazed at how quickly our research is diversifying into new areas and this new facility is just what we need to continually progress our efforts in this field”. "Because of the need for ongoing product improvement, we have quite extensive research and development capabilities," said Cowan. "PPI uses the best material combinations to suit each application.

   In the recent past, one of the more significant investments has been the addition of computerized design, patterning and cutting systems which revolutionized the company's design, scheduling, and production practices. A company has to keep up with the speed of the industry and the purchases of these new computerized systems are some of the tools that enable us to do so.  It has enabled us to take and fill orders from all over the world. We are a growing global company.

   PPI, the leading innovator of marine upholstery, has continued its expansion into broader markets with new products and services at their new location.  PPI’s broadened focus  includes not only the marine industry, but also the emergency vehicle market, private sector market, outdoor furniture markets, solid surfacing applications, CNC cutting & fiberglass component parts to name a few. A testimony to the company's growth has been the growth of its facilities. Its beginnings were a humble 800 sq.ft. Recent expansion into the new 32,500 sq.ft. facility has more than doubled their size. PPI is very proud of its growth over the last 7 years and the opportunity to continue to expand and broaden its services to a diversified group of customers.

    One of the exciting results of our move into the new facility will be the additional focus on Custom work for private individuals along with continuing production work for boat and ambulance manufacturers. Now we have the capacity for inside storage of the individual boats we are fabricating custom interiors for. In the past, we were forced to turn away a lot of this work because we were not comfortable storing the boats outside for security’s sake.  We plan to launch a brand new division whose focus will be on the sole focus of custom jobs. Our facility's Custom Shop will be capable of incorporating customer's Special Needs. We will have personnel that can work with you to design a plan to fit your individual needs. Keep an eye out for this in the not so distant future. 

   On a final note, a thank you to the many customers who have continued to support us and have been a part of making this new facility a reality. When we are done putting these last few finishing touches on the building we intend to have a open house to thank our customers for their business & our employees for their hard work and dedication - and of course - to celebrate PPI’s new home.

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You spoke & we listened.  We have had some feedback on fabric thread turning colors, due to harsh cleaning compounds used by customers and thread darkening due to dust absorption in dirty environments. 

PPI has always been proud of our extremely high quality product; so when we heard of a few instances of these problems, we reacted very quickly to correct any future problems.

We are happy to announce that we are now using TENARA® thread as part of our quality products.  It is UV-Sun-Resistant,  Water-Repellent & Resists Fading, Rot, and Mildew.  This is the highest quality outdoor thread available.  PPI has chosen to forgo any cost increases to our customers, even though this is a far superior & more costly thread.

TENARA®  thread is a translucent thread, so it will pick up the color of the vinyl below it.  It is made from 100% expanded PTFE (PolyTetraFlouroEthylene). The one significant difference between conventional Teflon® threads and Tenara® sewing threads is that Tenara® sewing thread is manufactured from 100% expanded PTFE. Expanded PTFE is two to three times stronger than conventional PTFE.  PTFE's inherent chemical resistance insures it will not rot or mildew and prevents deterioration due to cleaning solutions, motor oils, and other destructive substances. More importantly PTFE is unaffected by ultraviolet radiation and will not degrade from continuous sun exposure.
Products sewn with Tenara® sewing thread will not require re-stitching


2009 Miami Boat Show -

A great big thank you to our OEM customers (Just to name a few, Donzi, Proline, Sutphen Powerboats, Millennia, Mamba, Jupiter, Yellowfin, Sonic, Airship & Blackwood) for letting us put our “Interiors by PPI” signs in your boats.
We hope that you all did well at the show.

Your boats looked great!

 For our retail customers that attended the show, we hope you had a wonderful time. Did you see the PPI signs in many of the boats being displayed?
Interiors by PPI
Contact us today to update your upholstery/seats.

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SEAS/PPI Team Ships Shock Mitigating Cushion to
Australia for Wing-Borne Hydrofoil Project

    October 27, 2008

The newly formed partnership of Sea Systems Group, Inc. and Premier Performance Interiors, Inc. is pleased to announce its on-time shipment of a MitiGator™ based cushion to the University of Adelaide in Australia for its revolutionary Wing-Borne Hydrofoil (WBHF) sailboat. This patented sail craft will literally fly and therefore will be subjected to repeated impacts as it hits wave tops or returns to the water, thus the selection of a Hi-Impact MitiGator™ seat cushion to protect the pilot from impact injuries.
Cushion made by PPI for Sea Systems Inc.  "This shipment of a MitiGator™ seat  cushion for the WBHF is the first of  many products that the SEAS and PPI  team plan to deliver during the next  year. The team collaborated on the  design and fabrication of the WBHF  seat to meet the specific requirements  of this unique craft. We hope to  continue to work with the University of  Adelaide and the inventor as this  program moves from a research  project towards the ultimate goal of becoming the new extreme sport of WBHF racing." says Rick McKinney, Vice President of Sea Systems.
Missy Cowan, PPI Customer Service Representative, indicated that the team became involved in this project when SEAS received an email from one of the engineering students (Haydn Smith) working on the project. The email provided the general specifications for this shock mitigating cushion.

"We are designing a high speed sailing craft, with an eventual goal to break the world sailing speed record. We are looking for a padded material to use as seating in the hull of the craft, and are considering using MitiGator™ Marine Cushion. At high speeds,the craft is designed to generate lift so that it leaves the water and glides about 1.5 metres above the water surface. In the event that the craft falls back to the water, sufficient padding is required beneath the pilot to distribute the impact forces and insure a comfortable ride. However, the nature and design of the craft - the hull is similar to a canoe - means that the cushion would be in regular contact with water, hence we require a waterproof material or a waterproof cover"

  Missy said "Just days before this email arrived, PPI and SEAS had finished working out the details of our teaming arrangement. We felt this would be a perfect project to use to cement the relationship between our companies."

 the University of Adelaide web page on the project describes it in detail. This complex craft is designed to push the envelope of sailboat design and to set new world speed records. The page states "when completed, the hydrofoil should sail more than twice as fast as the wind, break the world sailing speed record (currently 48.7 knots = 90.2 kph), become the "Formula One" vehicle of sailboat racing, and create a new extreme sport"

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A special "Thank you" testimonial...


From: R***Chip@****.com [mailto:R***Chip@****.com]
Sent: Monday, February 16, 2009 4:48 PM
To: Missy Cowan
Subject: Shock Mitigator Testimonial


   I want to take a moment to thank you for your help. After leaving Sarasota Fl on the way to St Petersburg during a recent Poker Run we encountered some nasty water under the St Pete Bridge. We were running a friend of mines smaller twin engine OB powered race boat and ran it like it was built to run, HARD. Well after exiting the boat my back was paining me and I was thinking about jumping ship for a bigger ride home. An old Powerboat racing back injury was letting me know it was still there.  Then I ran into you and your display for the Shock Mitigator system. I immediately took notice and you explained the systems and its benefits.

  Many claims this and that but you offered me a Shock Mitigator cushion for the trip back to Sarasota. I fit the cushion into my race seat replacing the existing parts. Reluctantly me and my back got in the boat for the trip home. Well from the time we took off and headed out to the bridge for the return trip it got ruff and I could not believe how the Mitigator Cushion was working and how it absorbed the shock from the heavy G force loads you experience from re entery. Needless to say that my friend Dan L*** and I ran his 30' Doug Wright Race boat Loan Shark back home the way she deserves to be run (On the Chip). I got out of the boat in Sarasota and wished that I had been riding on the Mitigator Systems throughout my offshore Racing career. I thank you and your staff for Mitigating me in the right direction.

Chip Fendt

World and National Offshore Power Boat Racing Champion

More on the Shock Mitigator System


PPI and SEAS Support the 2009 MiraBay Mariners Poker Run in Tampa Bay

The MiraBay Mariners Poker Run just picked up a couple of sponsors for 2009. Partners Premier Performance Interiors(PPI) and Sea Systems Group(SEAS) have signed on to support the event by donating five items to be given away to participants at the Pizza & Beer event at the MiraBay Club where the winning poker hands will be determined and announced. The Run is scheduled for June 6 at 10:00 AM and starts at the Apollo Beach Red Marker #2 in Tampa Bay, FL. and concludes when the fifth card is received at the MiraBay Club at 6:00 PM.

Missy Cowan of PPI says “We’re really excited to be a sponsor for your poker run!  It looks like we’ll have 2 PPI portable tan cushions/stadium seats, 2 blue PPI folding Mooring Cushions that are portable & floats & 1 MitiGator™ shock absorbing portable mat as gifts.”  Missy also said that“we are hoping to bring our boat and participate in the Poker Run.”